Sunday, 10 May 2015

Treating and Eliminating Mosquito Bites Used In Infants

Baby's skin is different from adult skin. Baby's skin tends to be softer and more sensitive to stimulation. Exposed to friction little, baby's skin may turn red. Especially if you get a mosquito bite. Mosquito bites in infants will usually cause red spots or black on the surface of the skin. This could happen anywhere in the body area and the area most frequently attacked by mosquito bites on baby's skin is the face area.
The incidence of red spots on baby's skin will certainly make the baby's skin appear alarming. For that, we recommend to you the parents who have babies, use mosquito nets so that your baby avoid the bites of mosquitoes. Conversely, do not use mosquito coils, spray or mosquito killer chemicals that are harmful, because it is not good for the health of the baby.Actually, a mosquito bite on the baby's skin will disappear by itself, because the baby's skin will continue to regenerate cells. However, the mother often made worried and felt sorry for the former arising redness on baby's skin is caused by mosquito bites.So, to overcome this, that the former milking a mosquito bite on baby's skin can be treated and removed, consider some of the following ways.1. PotatoesTo be able to eliminate the mosquito bite scars on the baby by using potatoes, then we simply take advantage of the skin only. The trick, peel the potatoes and use the inside of the potato skin to treat wounds caused by a mosquito bite on kult baby. Good potato skins to remove the red spots, because potatoes contain potassium and vitamin C are powerful scar removal. This way is the natural way that can be applied to the baby's skin slowly.2. Aloe Vera GelAloesin content of the aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties so it is good to heal wounds, as well as injuries to the baby's skin. Way, take an aloe vera stalk kemudan cut and take the gel and then rub on mosquito bite red spots on baby's skin.3. Onion and GarlicGarlic and onions contain powerful antibacterial treat wounds, including wounds red due to allergies or mosquito bites. Caraya sides of onion or garlic, then rub on baby's skin slowly and carefully. Remember the baby's skin is so sensitive, to the gently dab the onion and garlic.4. Lemon JuiceTake one lemon, halved and squeezed in a way to take water. To apply this lemon juice, grab when then dip in lemon juice and then apply on baby's skin is exposed to mosquito bites slowly.5. Banana SkinBesides delicious eaten, it turns bananas also has benefits for wound healing mosquito bites. After you eat a banana, you should not remove the skin, because this is an advanced banana skin remedy to eliminate mosquito bites on baby's skin. How, rub the inside of a banana skin on a baby's skin is exposed to mosquito bites.That he Are Some ways you can do separately treating mosquito bite scars on the baby to be eliminated. Again, the baby's skin is so sensitive, for that you keep prudence when applying the above methods to avoid irritation on baby's skin.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Recognize Sleep Patterns Baby Age 6-9 Months

Bed for babies is the most important thing, especially for the development and growth of the baby's brain. In addition to sleep is a good time for the baby to collect a lot of energy so that the process of adaptation and metabolism in the body of a baby running smoothly. When a baby at the age of 6 months to 9 months, baby really needs enough sleep for 14 hours a day and can sleep for 7 to 8 hours in all. Babies can also devote time to nap in 2 parts each of which is 1 hour to 1.5 hours every day at noon and in the afternoon for 2 hours. To be remembered by the mother is bedtime for babies consistent so as to assist in forming a baby sleep patterns.Tips for women:
1. Although the previous age you have prepared some habits before your baby to sleep, but when your baby at the age of 6 months, at the time your baby will start to recognize familiar and sleep patterns have been created by the mother. Previously you had to make sure the baby before going to sleep habits only occur at the same time every night, it is expected that you will know when babies sleep at night arrived.2. For those of you who have a regular schedule of sleep familiarize your baby, as the mother does not mean you can not bring your baby to remain active during certain activities. You can still invite your baby play, strolling, and even can be invited to tour with you. The most important thing you still meet the needs of daily sleep.3. When a baby enters the age of 6 months is better if the baby has been accustomed to sleeping alone. If your baby cries, you should not immediately come to him immediately, wait a few minutes until you feel calm baby by itself. Or when you feel that he so requires you, but that you can help him to get back to sleep.4. For infants who do not have problems and disturbances in sleep before, will very likely at some time your baby has a problem in his sleep. Your baby may wake up at night suddenly, or your baby is having trouble sleeping when he mnginjak age of 6 months. This can occur because during this age, babies will learn to sit, learning to crawl, roll over, even the possibility of a baby will learn to lift her to be able to stand. This makes the baby to practice very hard so he reduced the time to sleep.5. We recommend that you pick the right time to breastfeed your baby, either by scheduling the timing of ASI before your baby to fall asleep, so that your baby will get used to the schedule ation. Especially in infants 6 months of age and above who have obtained additional nutrition from solid foods.With, you know your baby's sleep patterns, you can adjust your homework well. Your baby will grow into a healthy baby. And you can spend time with your husband. Attention and communication between the mother and her husband can also be easier through several such delegations.

In Newborn Jaundice Treatment guidelines

Now your baby has been born safely accompanied by members of the perfect body. On the first day of his birth is often some mothers were surprised by the complaint yellow baby. The occurrence of yellow baby at birth is often known as hyperbilirubinemia which is yellow jaundice caused by bilirubin in the blood increases. The occurrence of increased bilirubin normally can occur on days 2-3 is basically low levels. While the bilirubin reaches above 10 it must be done handler serious, especially in infants aged 7 days.
Yellowish color in babies often translates into a dangerous disease such as liver dysfunction and some parents do the handling by drying the baby. This assumption is based as yellowing of the skin caused the baby is less exposed to the sun, How to guide the handling of the yellow baby properly and safely?Yellow baby is a normal condition that occurs in infants especially when the baby is born prematurely. This is caused by the baby's body can not break down red blood cells perfectly with the help of sunlight will help pemecahab cell to be perfect. In drying yellow baby you should be able to follow the guidelines below:1. The drying time is good for your babyWe recommend that infants exposed to jaundice dried in a timely manner about at 8 to 9 in the morning. So as to minimize the possibility of your baby has swelter and heat.2. The drying time can reach 30-60 minutesDrying the baby can be carried out without having too long, you can hang the yellow skin of affected infants have only 30 or 60 minutes maximum .Terlebih your baby still has sensitive skin.3. Expose Infants Without Wearing ApparelSensitive skin in infants is still susceptible to influence from the outside and in the environment. However, where you will be drying your baby should be naked or not wearing .Better done after your baby out of the shower.4. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure In Part EyesWhen you're drying your baby, it is advisable to not directly exposed to direct sunlight on the eyes. It is advisable for you to be drying the baby carried in the house exposed to the sun.Which will last for drying your baby when it is born disorder marked in yellow on the skin caused by bilirubin increases, prevention and treatment can be done by using sunlight. Do it anyway interaction with your baby so that makes it quiet and light massage so that your baby feel the comfort and reduce stress on the baby.

newborn baby supplies indispensable

In the third trimester is a very stressful at the same time encouraging, anxiety pregnant women approaching childbirth and also the excitement of waiting for the baby's presence in the midst of the family is also highly anticipated that a wide variety of preparations made include preparing equipment when a newborn baby. Baby equipment are prepared usually enters gestation to seven because at that time the sex of the baby is already known through ultrasound. When you will buy baby gear then you have to do is choose which if the equipment is very important so that it can minimize your expenses.Here are some of the new-born baby equipment indispensable:
1. Baby ClothesIn selecting materials cotton baby clothes is recommended because it can absorb sweat. Avoid polyester and nylon materials that inhibit the absorption of sweat and clothes with accessories that interfere with the movement of the baby let alone to make your baby irritable. In anticipation of unused baby clothes because of weight newborns weigh much less have a large enough then you can buy clothes with various kinds of sizes in small amounts. You must remember growing very rapidly newborn clothes that have large amounts of unused sometimes longer. Newborn clothing accessories consisting of long-sleeved shirt, long pants, short sleeve, sleeveless shirt, shorts, jackets, gloves and feet.2. DiapersAt newborns intensity of small and large bowel very often so it is not advisable to use disposable diapers. Use diapers made of cloth with cotton and has straps that provide comfort for your baby. Buy a few dozen in anticipation of diapers that have not been dried.3. PerlakPerlak very functional for your baby bedding, it relates to the small bowel habits very often. Keep in buying perlak large in size so that it can be used until your baby is active.4. The baby slingsBaby sling is important that there should be a fixture in your shopping list. Baby carrier has several types of sling shawl or sling has a shape known as a diverse and economical prices. With this type allows you to mengendong baby in various positions and fits on a newborn.5. Equipment ShowerFurther purposes that you have to add on the shopping list welcomed the birth of a baby is the purpose of a baby shower as the tub then a simple bath other purposes such as soap and shampoo. Avoid beforehand various types of cosmetics first baby at the age of birth. Washcloth is very important in the list toiletries newborns, usually for a newborn baby (not whistle) are not exposed to too much water in order to keep the umbilical cord dry, using a washcloth baby's body can be cleaned without making the umbilical cord wet. Choose a towel with a soft material and absorb water so that your baby is safe and comfortable.6. Supplies P3K babyIn the age of the first month of his birth the baby has perlindugan ekstara of your new environment so important to provide medical equipment at any time for your baby. Also provide a first aid kit in newborns is needed in an emergency such as a thermometer, bandages, alcohol, cotton, anti-irritant ointment that you provide at home.

Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Clothes

Tiny baby no doubt make annoyance anyone who saw it. Her face is still innocent, his eyes were still clear and clean, smooth skin is certainly the main attraction for the baby. How proud the parents had babies who were much admired and loved by many people. Obviously, the parents will be happy to hear the words "ouch cute" or "adorable ih". When he heard these words, certainly in the hearts of many parents who say "who used dong parents". Yes, the core success of parents bring babies who makes the annoyance is regarded as a success of its own for the elderly.To achieve this, it is often in the season by the parents by equipping them with penamilan baby clothes cute baby too, so that more and make the annoyance of people who see it. Thus, in addition indeed functioned to protect and give kenayaman baby, baby clothes now also serves to add more baby looks adorable.No harm is about it, but not until the election of baby clothes only at designated to make the baby any more and look beautiful, regardless of the function itself is the essence of baby clothes, namely as protector and giver of comfort for the baby. So, try to prioritize the selection of clothing for the safety and comfort of the baby itself, the new note view.Do not be, because one chose material baby clothes, baby skin is still sensitive and delicate that even flushed, experiencing spots or irritation due to the baby clothes contain harmful substances that make skin baby becomes allergic. Or lest the baby's digestive system is disturbed because, babies like to chew the tip of his clothes instead turned out to contain additives. Even more dangerous is certainly the additives of clothing that can be inhaled by the baby, can cause respiratory problems in infants.Therefore, there are many things that need to be noticed before parents make your choice of baby clothes, among others:Buy Baby Clothes The Utterly QualifiedDo not be tempted by discounts or low prices offered by a variety of baby clothing store without you knowing quality. You avoid compromising quality baby clothes, because tempted by low prices. For example, do not get when in use by your baby, the color becomes faded clothes. Lunturnya color will be easily absorbed by the skin pores baby, and this is very dangerous for the baby. Moreover, not rapihnya stitches on baby clothes can also make a baby uncomfortable. So give always the best for your baby, including his clothes, but nor always buy clothes at high prices. If necessary, buy baby clothes that already have a standard certificate of clothes bay.FabricAvoid selecting or making baby clothes pure material nylon, jeans or a parachute. Because these materials can make the baby be easy grip. Increasingly frustrated baby, the easier the baby sweating and it invites many bacteria. Also avoid all fabrics that are too rough and hard. Clothing materials such as this will make the baby more susceptible to skin irritation. Choose clothing that is made from soft and smooth. Cotton baby clothes is good enough to be chosen, because in addition to the soft, cotton can absorb sweat. In addition, use of materials by adjusting weather clothing, such as summer use materials that are a little thin to provide enough air for your baby's body and vice versa.Prioritizing Comfort For InfantsDo not let the sake of appearances, you are too excessive in adding accessories baby clothes. If you really want to wear accessories use in moderation, if you can try as simple as possible. Some accessories quite dangerous for babies. Avoid the use of accessories in the form of ropes because it can make the baby suffocated. The ribbons can also create a baby tersedak.Aksesoris easy regardless, sequins, brooches or other, it is feared the baby can grab and put into his mouth. Clothes hooks of metal materials such as zippers, it is feared could be rusty and make a baby in pain when the stomach, choose the clothes hooks snap fasteners, buttons do not always, because fear can come loose and get into the baby's mouth.
Also, do not let your appearance for the sake of choosing baby clothes are complicated. Choose a simple model of baby clothes and "normal" as well as practical that make the baby at the time of wear or when you replace them to be comfortable. Nor should choose clothing that is too tight, which actually makes baby irritability. So note the size of your baby's clothes. Remember, the baby needs comfort, choose clothes that really make the baby comfortable.Awasi When UsageAfter you make sure that your clothes have a safe and comfortable for the baby, do not forget to keep an eye on the condition of the baby or your baby's skin. Because we consider it convenient not necessarily feel the same baby. Noticed after a while the baby was wearing, whether the baby becomes scratched or baby so easy sweating or not or the baby becomes fussy. Then when the baby is washed, browse the entire surface of the baby's skin, whether there is a rash, irritation or other things.Washing Tips Baby ShirtsAvoid washing baby clothes using powder detergent. Because this type of detergent typically contain chemicals that sharper that can make the baby's skin easily irritated. So to be safe, use a liquid detergent alone. Regarding fragrance, try to avoid too, or if you want to keep using it, do not overdo it, because the fragrance generated from the fragrances derived from chemicals. And this is dangerous if the fragrance wafted by the baby.